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Today, celebrity sex tapes occur regularly. Every month, it seems that someone else has leaked nude photos or provocative homemade movies. These eye-burning tapes and photos are sometimes too easy to find. “There is a lawyer, everyone knows who he is. You make a tape and give it to him, and are ‘Shocked!’... that it is out. You are outraged and are going to call a lawyer. Then the lawyer sells it and you get paid” (Rob). However, sex tapes weren't always this common. They didn’t always help carriers but instead, used to hinder them. Since actor, Rob Lowe, was one of the first celebrities to have his sexual endeavors released to the public, it wasn’t a career booster (Rob). It also didn’t help that one of the girls was a minor (Green). Lowe…show more content…
Growing up next to the likes of Martin and Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez and Sean Penn, Lowe was always surrounded by parties and attractive people (Wallace). Starting his career off as a male model, Lowe was always aware of his good looks. While his suave looks helped with women (Wallace), he was often insecure about his looks. Most are insecure thinking that they are ugly, fat, or have physical flaws. For Rob it was a lack of flaws that caused him insecurities. He had doubts about his acting abilities after very few of scenes in The Outsiders aired (Wallace). When Lowe and several of his young acting friends were labeled as “The Brat Pack” he was hurt and felt minimized. Eventually he realized that the name didn’t have to have a negative connotation, considering young adults everywhere wanted to be like the party going group (Wallace). He later states that he thought his looks were the only reason he got acting jobs and while his dashing eyes and taught facial structure helped him get women, Lowe thought of them as a burden…show more content…
Drugs came easy to the “Brat Pack”. For Lowe and many others, drinking wasn’t only a fun thing to do, it was normal. On the set of The Outsiders, it was natural for workers to be seen drinking a beer, and not only those of age. Even C. Thomas Howell who was only 16 at the time of filming, was seen drinking beer but it was never a strange thing, it was casual. (Source). However, it wasn’t just substance abuse that came easy. Women practically fell into Rob’s lap and he wasn’t about to turn them away (Tonight). As a young man, he used his titles of “Sodapop” and “Nick De Angelo” to get women. So, in the 1988 Democratic Convention, it wasn’t that hard for Lowe to find two women who wanted to join him for the night (Green). When Lowe mentioned the idea of making a tape, the women didn’t even hesitate, they completely agreed (Green). After 45 minutes of romping, Lowe had gone to the bathroom. However, when he came out, the tape, some cash, and the women were gone (Green). Later the girls were heard bragging to their friends about the one night stand and went out of their way to make copies of the tape

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