Causes Of Homelessness

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Recently, two former British footballers, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs made the news for allowing some squatters stay in the building they bought for business until the construction is complete. Thanks to the generosity of the two, the 30 homeless people will have a shelter for the winter. Moreover, the article has attire the attention of the community over the issue of homelessness, which is a big problem not only for the Manchester City. In fact, the Homeless Link - an English national membership charity - highlighted an increased number of homelessness applications in the last two years in the UK. Homelessness in a modern, industrialized country can result from a wide range of reasons, not only personal but also structural, and has different…show more content…
For instance, an Alumni of Cambridge University, Brain Davis who was a successful published author and advertising journalist, became homeless due to his own arrogance, manic depression and his love for the alcohol and couldn’t go back to a normal life after being homeless. As a matter of fact, in the documentary “Brian’s Story”, every time Davis has received some cash, he would spend them all in an expensive pub or even lose them somewhere he couldn’t remember. In short, these individual factors are preventing the homeless people from saving money for a permanent shelter. The second personal cause of homelessness is one’s family background. For example, divorce often leaves one of the two without a house and in more violence case, domestic abuse forces the abused one to escape. Moreover, parents having drugs or alcohol problems could affect a person and make them leave a habitation. Indeed, according to the young and homeless research led by the Homeless Link, “More than half of young people become homeless of a relationship breakdown, mainly with their parents.” In brief, family background has an essential impact on one’s life and on…show more content…
Homeless people are more believable to get HIV and other diseases as exposed to an unsanitary environment. In addition, the outcomes are even worse on children and youth, as stated by the American Psychological Association, “Homelessness is linked to poor physical health for children including low birth weight, malnutrition, ear infections, exposure to environmental toxins, and chronic illness (e.g. asthma). Homeless children also are less likely to have adequate access to medical and dental care.” In a nutshell, homeless people need more medical attention because of the diseases related to being

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