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darkseeker imposed great emotion for audiences. Sam’s lingering eyes into the camera during his last moments, paired with Neville’s sadness in letting the dog go, established feelings of sorrow and sympathy towards the protagonist. Especially, after knowing how Neville had already lost his entire family during the uproar of the KV virus, and the dog, Sam, was Neville’s last companion in the desolate world. However, the audience also witnessed revulsion as Neville took it upon himself to snap the dog’s neck in fear that it will also mutate into a darkseeker. Although the movie did not show the gore of the head snap, up close look of Neville struggling to break the neck and the sound of him struggling to do so was enough to induce horror. This scene shows how vulnerable humans and animals are to the virus, causing the audience to feel weary about its possibility in the future. The film also uses the combination of ethos and logos to enhance the appeal of pathos. The director was not the only person to display credibility in the film. The characters within the movie also displayed…show more content…
The film follows the notion that nature should not be messed with, without consequences. This is evident in the movie’s search for a cure to cancer. In trying to find a vaccine, the characters suffered from the widespread epidemic of the KV virus after the antidote took a wrong turn. This supports the claim that nothing can be fixed completely. There will always be a repercussion when people mess with the course of nature. The darkseekers’ realization of this assertion allowed them to accept themselves for who they are. Even after finding out that Neville was able to cure one of the female darkseeker, the alpha did not insist on being healed. They were aware that the payoff may do more damage than good. Thus, movie’s appeal to logos allows to the audience to come to the conclusion that man should not mess with the course of

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