Arguments Against Homelessness Essay

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In a rich nation like USA homelessness has deeper causes than just poverty. There are many different type of homelessness, which is experienced by many groups of people. Homelessness could be characterized by extreme poverty with a lack of stable housing. Children on their own or with their families, adults, seniors, and veterans have differing factors that contribute to their homelessness. In a poll done by National Alliance to end homelessness it was, “ Further estimated that between 1.3 and 2 million persons will experience the homelessness over the course a of a year.” The amount of homeless person living on the street is becoming a problem that increases each year. Problems such as mismanagement in housing programs, lack of employment…show more content…
When it comes to addressing the homelessness, one of the biggest obstacles faced by many communities has to do with the providing of homeless support service. Some may oppose to the idea of providing services for the homeless based on the idea that it would cost the local community too much in public funding. According to a University of Texas two-year survey of homeless individuals, each person cost the taxpayers $14,480 per year, primarily for overnight jail. A typical cost of a prison bed in a state or federal prison is $20,000 per year. What is your…show more content…
The reason I decided to research about this topic, because the community I live in there is a group of homeless people consist of five to ten people who lives on the street and subway. There are few who lost their touch to the reality. They ask money from people just to buy alcohols. I see them everyday on the streets either passed out from drinking or sleeping on the cold concrete. They could be characterized as the group who are suffering from chronic homelessness and cannot maintain safe housing; repeated homelessness. One of my goal is to help them find a shelter. By doing so we are not only helping these people rather also helping out the community in many

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