Homelessness Report

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Dear: Lottery Commissioner I had a meeting with the Aiken County Council, so now Aiken County Council and I are in need to meet with your company with some great facts. There is a fact that we have a major problem with the homelessness and the problem is increases year by year. It have been reported by www.sciway.net/south-carolina/sc-homeless.html “A 2007 report by the South Carolina Council on Homelessness found that on any given night there were 6,759 homeless people in South Carolina- nearly 20% of whom were children. Considering the fact just under 7,000 residents, the enormity of the problem become easier to grasp. The Council also found that over the course of a year, S.C has more than 17,000 documented cases of homelessness- undocumented…show more content…
Why not help the homelessness people?, please don’t turn our back on the homelessness unlike people in New York City maybe we can pave the way for them it a lot more homelessness people in New York than South Carolina. It was reported by www.occupy.com/article/new-law-exiles-homeless-people-south-carolina-capital it was a new law put in place to look over the homeliness, they just sweep the homeless population under the rug. The new law is spreading reported say “All over the country we are hearing about the poor treatment of homeless people. In New York City, it is actually illegal to donate food to homeless shelters- a policy that came on the heels of actions taken in the 1990’s by Major Rudolph Giuliani, who “cleaned up the streets” by essentially sweeping the homeless under the rug.” It have been reported by www.occupy.com/article/new-law-exiles-homeless-people-south-carolina-capital “Now, these actions are spreading to the south. In North Carolina capital of Raleigh, has become illegal to feed the homeless. And South Carolina has even taken things a step future, enacting what amounts to a policy of “exile” for those homes.” Think about the problem that people are facing today. What can we do to help the homelessness? We are coming to the Lottery Commissioners to help us make a better
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