Causes Of Brain Death

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Brain death is an irreversible brain trauma that cannot be undone. Brain death mean loss of functions and detachment of the brain stem as well as no blood flow to the brain. After brain death a person is no longer able to remain conscious, it is no longer possible. Research shows that when a person suffers from a massive blunt force trauma to the head that this can cause the person to have no response and to go into what some people call a “Brain Coma”. Brain Death is in some cases can be caused by freak accidents such as falling from significant heights and hitting the ground at the wrong angle to possibly being in a car crash the might send you flying out of your vehicle. A few other main causes of Brain death can also be caused by the…show more content…
Most of the causes just listed seem to have something in common, a disturbance in blood flow, as said before if blood flow stops the body stops as well. From the moment the ambulance arrives at the hospital the doctors and nurses are in action, at this point they still haven't officially assessed the patient so they don't really know what type of injuries that the patient has sustained. In some states hospitals are required to have a written document or policy on how to deal with the situation of brain death. One of the first things they do is to see if the patient has suffered any time of brain injury from their accident, they do this by performing a series of test. These test include checking for facial reactions or reflexes that are connected to the brain as well as if there is any reactions of stimulation. Most places have to perform or like to perform many series of test on a patient to be sure that the patient is actually brain dead, there are a few cases where it might seem as though they are but in fact it is something else. A few examples of cases where it can seem to be brain death is when someone is experiencing…show more content…
One of the factors to think about is the different parts of the brain as well as a persons head that might be more sensitive than other parts or sections.There are two important sections to this and that is what is the most sensitive and what is the most injury prone. The most injury prone area of the brain is the Frontal Lobe, this is important to know because this is also the most used part of a person's brain as well as exposed. Sense this is the case, damage to this area can be very serious and also happens more frequently then other parts of the brain getting injured. The frontal lobe can be hit from many different sides because it is right behind the skull, the brain is surrounded in fluid and when it is struck the brain slams into the skull depending on how hard can be the difference between a concussion and something much more serious. People that suffer from hard forces to the frontal lobe, if they recover can suffer from a personality change. Going more into depth about the frontal lobe the most sensitive part within the frontal lobe area is the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex according to The Benton Law firm is the most eligible for injury and is the most sensitive because it is the front of the frontal lobe which is easier in most cases to get injured. When a person is brain dead usually if not always it is because the brain stem had been detached, the brain

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