Persuasive Essay On Organ Donation

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Imagine looking a list of names and knowing you could save their lives. Would you jump to the chance or be skeptical about it? What if I said you could save these lives simply by checking a box? Becoming an organ donor is simple and life changing for you and the recipient who will receive and organ. Organ donation has been a controversial topic and there have been many myths in the process. Organ donation is saving millions of lives each day and we can continue to do so. Millions of people die each year waiting for a transplant. The myths about organ donation has caused many people to reconsider being an organ donor. The waiting list continues to grow and people on the list will die waiting because there are not enough donors. There are not enough donors because of the myths that have focused around organ donation. Gaining all of the information can change…show more content…
Paperwork is filled out by the family and the doctors get the patients medical history. They then test the organ to match the recipient and check for diseases and infections. Once everything is in order the donor is then taken to surgery and the donation will begin. Once the procedure begins the body is treated with respect as it would with any other surgery. Skilled surgeons will make incisions and remove the organs. This can take up to 5 to 8 hours to complete. After the operation, organs will be transported where the transplantation will occur. (Australian Government Organ and Tissue Authority ). A common myth about organ donation is that the person will not appear the same as they did before the operation. Once the operation is complete the donation does not significantly change the persons appearance. The incisions will be closed and covered after the operation has been performed. Another myth that can arise is that funeral arrangements cannot be made. Funeral arrangements will not be compromised, and having an open casket is

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