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2. OVERALL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2.1 PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE The Airline Reservation System project uses the java(J2SE , J2EE) and my sql and is completely independent. The project itself is a bigger product and does not need to be introduced into a larger system. The application would be running on a Windows XP/7/8 Operating system. 2.2 PRODUCT FEATURES The Airline Reservation System has the following features: This project is mainly intended for two types of audiences. One is the customer or the end user and the other is the administrator of the website. Some of the major functions of the product can be categorized under two different categories that are for the administrator and the user. Customer / End user activities The above use case…show more content…
So, the customer will also be able to view this functionality on the website. Book Packages: This functionality is similar to the motel booking function, except the fact that the customer can look up various touring packages available at the person’s destination. Contact the Company: The Customer can also call the company if he has any concerns or questions related to the bookings he has made online . Booking Instructions: The website also provides instructions to the customers on how to book airline tickets or motels along with the different packages. Some of the functions of the Airline Reservation System, such as creating, maintaining and updating the database are available only to the administrator. The functions of the administrator, explained in detail are as follows: Administrator Activities Login/Logout: The administrator has to login first in order to be able to make changes to the Airline Reservation System, by adding, deleting or modifying the data in the Airline Reservation System database. After making the necessary changes, he then has to logout of the system, in order to prevent misuse of the data. Add/Delete/Modify Customer Information: Daily the Airline Reservation System…show more content…
FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS The functional requirements of the Airline Reservation System are divided among the customer and the administrator of the application. These functional requirements can be explained in detail as follows: 3.1 Use Case name: User Registration Description: This use case describes the scenario where the user registers with the application by providing all the necessary details, in order to make reservations or bookings for flights. Actor: User or the Customer Input: The user or the customer will have to provide all the necessary details present in the customer registration form of the application. Output: All the details entered in the customer registration page will be verified and accepted by the system into the database. 3.2 Use Case name: User Login Description: This use case describes the scenario where the user logs into the application, with the username and password he has provided while registering with the system. Actor: User or the Customer Input: The user or the customer creates a username and password at the time of registering with the system. He then uses them to logon to the system and make reservations or view any

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