Low Yat Crisis Case Study

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4.1 Attitude The researcher has the intention to acknowledge the three dimensions of attitudes of the respondents throughout the study. Affective components, behavioral components as well as cognitive components are the three aspects whereby the researcher would classify the respondents’ responses into these three dimensions and further explain it. Undoubtedly, it is clear to recognize that there is a close relationship between an individual’s attitudes and the following reactions. People would have different attitudes towards the Low Yat crisis; therefore, different ultimate reactions would be taken. 4.1.1 Affective Components According to Christiansen and Tett (2013), affective components are generally defined individuals’ emotional responses…show more content…
Thus, they expressed the feeling of fear because they get shocked by a very loud sound of screaming and shouting for help. This was the first time they encounter violence directly. While another Malay respondent stated he saw a Malay guy was chased by a group of people, yet he still did not acknowledge what was happening at that time. Afterwards, a few Malays guys came to the Oppo Store and started damaging all the stuffs inside the shop. These three respondents felt anxiety and claimed that they still blurred at the crucial moment in unfolding the crisis. In general, six respondents articulated irritated after experiencing this violent Low Yat incident as a few innocents passersby get seriously injured because of the racial tension. On the other hand, the Low Yat incident aroused five respondents’ curiosity and therefore, they desired to find out what was going on after their attentions were attracted by the loud…show more content…
As stated by Jain (2014), the subsequent actions taken by the individual can be explained by the behavioral attitude as it engaged with the observable responses of the individual either do or do not act in certain manners. In fact, the series of responses or the preferable way people perform are only deemed to the predisposition or tendency to behave in a particular way. It does not include the actual behavioral itself as people’s behaviors are elusive and usually affected by their preexisting beliefs, habits and

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