Catatonic State: Characteristics Of A Zombie

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Characteristics of a Zombie Catatonic state – When zombies are transformed, they are in a catatonic state in which brain structure and function are altered. Catatonia is shown by changes in muscle tone or activity associated with a number of serious mental and physical illnesses. Catatonic excitement is characterised by violent behaviour directed towards oneself or others. Some of the characteristics of the catatonic state are that the individual will avoid bathing and grooming (zombies never practice personal hygiene and wear their clothes even when they are in filthy tatters), may be mute and rigid and will make facial grimaces and animal-like noises (zombies moan and grunt). All of these can be observed in a zombie and although the causes…show more content…
Necrotic cells can release dangerous chemicals that damage healthy cells nearby. This causes the necrosis to spread and unfortunately for zombies the closest thing that they can get to someone amputating their arm is another starved and confused zombie tearing off their infected limb. Zombies mostly rot from the outside inwards because their skin receives the least amount of blood flow. Bacteria, fungi and maggots are also the cause of the decaying of the zombie’s organs and tissue. This results in putrefaction, which is a stage of decay that involves chemical reactions and is always accompanied by bacteria. This process gives zombies their characteristic putrid, decaying…show more content…
As the necrosis spreads further through their bodies, they slowly become even slower. Agility – Zombies have only 10% of the dexterity of humans due to the stiffness of their necrotic muscle tissue and their primitive brain function. They can’t climb very well and can’t swim. They also don’t float because their decomposition is slow so by-product gas doesn’t accumulate. Recently transformed zombies are known to attack their prey from underwater, as their lungs have not yet decayed and they can hold their breath for longer. However later-stage zombies can only hold their breath for less than a minute due to their rotting lungs. Respiration - Zombies don’t require nearly as much oxygen as humans due to their slow circulation and lack of high brain function. However within a few weeks, as their lungs begin to rot, they have to breath more frequently and will eventually breath at the same rate as a

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