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Sensodyne Rapid Relief: Relieves sensitivity pain when directly applied to the sensitive area of a tooth with a fingertip for one minute. This is because it is formulated to create a physical seal against sensitivity triggers. Product Characteristic: Category: Toiletries Packaging: Paper box Pricing range: Rupees. 50 to 200 Unit per sale: A tube in 50gram and 120gram Storage: At room temperature Shelf life: 24 months. Key challenges for brands: - Since a long time, toothpaste in India was just meant to clean one’s teeth and have a ring of confidence in the personality of the user, and Colgate still is the market leader in the toothpaste segment. The competition among the oral care manufacturer is focusing on the fact that toothpaste…show more content…
One brand of toothpaste did the job for the entire family. However, with increasing health and personal care awareness, Indians are now more aware how their diet is affecting their teeth. Indians are now willing to pay for prevention attention, now each and every family member in the urban India has got awareness about what kind of toothpaste they need and they buy their toothpaste accordingly, allowing for different brands to enter the toothpaste market for several…show more content…
Colgate was and still is the unmistakable pioneer, enlisting a 56% volume piece of the overall industry for Jan' 13-Sep' 13. There have been intermittent endeavours to oust it, however at last the opposition gives off an impression of being getting its course of action right. The doughty toothpaste mark is beginning to get flanked by new and deft players who concentrate on as of late recognized pro needs like affectability or draining gums. This denotes a change in perspective in the portion. "Till as of late, we didn't recognize how extraordinary sorts of toothpaste helped us. By and large, cost was the main factor." One brand worked for the whole family. With expanding mindfulness, urban Indians have a superior comprehension of eating regimen and its effect on teeth. They will give careful consideration. "A commonplace urban family is these days purchasing diverse toothpastes as every part needs something particular, which widens the class and takes into account more up to date

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