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Case Worker Having a degree in social work can lead to many options. Working with families and children, prisons, treatment facilities, welfare agencies, human resources, geriatrics, foster care and adoption agencies are just a few of the fields one may go into with this degree. When working with families and children, the well-being of the children is the main focus of the social worker. A case worker is a type of social worker that works individually with families and children, advocates case plans, and aims for the best life for the children. I have chosen to become a caseworker so that I can help children that are in poverty, that have been abused, and that have been neglected. Social worker Jane Addams founded the Hull-House in 1889 in…show more content…
In 2013, one thousand five hundred and twenty children died of the abuse and neglect (National Statistics on Child Abuse). When a child has been reported of abuse or neglect, a case worker is called. The case worker investigates the child’s home, school, doctor, and other sources to find out more about the family. If there are signs of major mistreatment, the child may be removed and placed in foster care until the parents complete their case plan, which is often court ordered. The caseworker creates the case plan, and the parents have to complete it before getting their child back (Interview with a Social Worker - Child Protection Conference). A case worker’s goal is not to take a child away from his parents, but to get the child back with his parents by achieving plans and goals. Having a case with a family is a long process for not only the family but with the case worker. This process involves intake, investigation, family assessment, family progress, and case closure (Child Welfare Information Gateway). The case can be closed quickly, depending on what was going on in the first place. If the plan was open for a messy or dirty house, the plan can close once everything is cleaned. However, if the plan was open for abuse, neglect, or drugs, the case plan can be a very long process before it can be closed (Child Welfare Information…show more content…
Having a master’s degree can increase the salary by twenty-five percent (Human Services--Social Work Salaries). I have interned with different types of social workers and case workers. While both have informed me that the pay is not great and have encouraged me to get my master’s, they said that this job is not a job to get for the money; it is a job to help families and to give the correct resources to these families to better their lives. Richard Montoni is the highest paid caseworker in America, making over sixteen million dollars from years 2008-2012. Montoni is also the chief executive officer of Maximus Inc., a company that serves to the government and human services

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