Comparing Sexuality In The Breakfast Club And Easy A

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Two of my favorite types of movies would have to be children’s movies and teen movies. Both The Breakfast Club and Easy A fall under the teen movie genre. The reason for this is that just like these two movies, there are themes or tropes that follow through to other movies. For example both movies illustrate the idea of teen rebellion and sexuality. In The Breakfast Club there are five students who, in their own way, are in detention for some act of rebellion. The same is for Easy A though she is not rebelling against any one person in particular, she is rebelling against what others are saying about her. The same can be said about sexuality. In The Breakfast Club, the kids are trying to figure out if one of their fellow students is still a virgin or not. In Easy A, the whole movie is based around the student’s sexuality. These are just two, but the more a person watches this genre the more comparisons they will find.…show more content…
I liked how it not only illustrated the typical high school drama; cliques, popular people, boys, but it also advocated that a person no matter what the circumstance are should always be true to themselves and never care what others say or think about them. Having read The Scarlet Letter, I enjoyed the modern take on the book. When Olive decided to embroider her clothing to represent her “promiscuity” with a bright letter A it expressed what it would be like if people had to do that in this day in age like they did back then. I did like how by the end of the movie Olive realizes what happens when a person continues to lie about their life. Not only does it create major problems for everyday things, but most often than not a person will lose their best friend. Once one lie is told that person has to continue telling lies to cover up the other lies. It is a never ending cycle. Though, I do think that Olive took it a bit too far with her “bring the book to life” idea, I did enjoy the movie

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