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Independent Reading Project: Graceling by Kristin Cashore Summary: Graceling is an innovative story that takes place in a time where impulsive kings ruled and subjects with peculiar eyes, known as Gracelings were dreaded and shunned. Lady Katsa is the narrator, main protagonist of the novel, well-known for her horrifying Grace of killing. In the beginning of the novel, Lady Katsa was King Randa’s ‘puppet’, but she learns that no one other then herself has the power to control her actions. She goes on a journey with a new companion in search of an answer to a puzzling occurrence only to find a much more sinister and mind-boggling discovery. As Katsa travels through four of the seven kingdoms, she becomes more aware of her feelings and realizes she is not the monster that she believes she is. This novel is thrilling, action filled and teaches you not to let society or people manipulate you, but to become your own person. Setting: The setting is mainly in four of the seven kingdoms. Lady…show more content…
This is the complicating incident because Lady Katsa was tired of answering to the man that she hated most, her uncle. She was not his murderous dog to order around, “and if she must be a dog, at least she would no longer be in this man’s cage” (Cashore 167). The reader can see now that Katsa has separated herself from her former restraints. Now she must find herself and believe in her power and mercy. Another way that the reader understands that her confrontation with King Randa is the complicating incident is when Lady Katsa clearly states her intentions of departure, “‘I’m leaving the court ... Don’t try to stop me… you’ll regret it if you do… I won’t consent to live like a tracked animal. I’m no longer yours to command’” (Cashore 170). We understand that this the start of a new chapter of life for

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