The Butterfly Effect

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Is The Butterfly Effect really a contemporary piece? How is the movie “The Butterfly Effect” considered contemporary? Well for starters the movie is loosely based on the “Chaos Theory”. It’s a theory that wasn’t widely discussed up until a couple of decades ago. The movie also depicts real world occurrences. Things that were talked about in the movie were not typically talked about in the past, such as issues involving sexual abuse, violence inflicted on children, and the mentally ill. The movie The Butterfly Effect is roughly based on the “Chaos Theory”. What is the “Chaos Theory?” The “Chaos Theory” is the study of things that cannot be predicted or controlled, such as weather, death, and how people act. Basically, if you go back in time, don’t change anything. Even if the change seems small and insignificant, it could cause disastrous effects. Take for example, when Evan and his friends put an explosive in a stranger’s mailbox the woman that opened it died, along with her baby. But when Evan went back in time to try and warn the woman of the impending doom he was the one that got hurt and he ended up changing the course of his life.…show more content…
I’m sure in the early 1900s angst filled teenagers did not sit in their best friends basement smoking cigarettes and listening to rock music. Nor did they go spend the night in each others dorm rooms in their separate sorority or fraternity houses, or at least they didn’t talk about such things. And that’s another reason why this movie is so modern and contemporary: its full of sex. Nowadays we young people are so open about our sexuality. We talk about it all the time and the world of sex is constantly changing, and we are constantly talking about it. I’m pretty sure they weren’t so open about it a couple of decades ago. Heck, my mom graduated high school in 92’ and talking about sex was still
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