Oadu Pull Factors

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Traditionally, the Tamil Nadu is called as Vantharai Vazhavaikkum Ooru that means all kinds of people is living here. They were never neglected by our soil. But, the migrated labor condition is quite difficult, because of their ignorance. This research study focus on the condition of migrant workers in Tamil Nadu. Low-waged other states migrated workers have long been contributing to the developmental activities of Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu has a large migrant population with laborers living in poor condition. The master plan of cities and urbanization plan’s created the multiple job opportunities in the unorganized sector. Infrastructure needs such as roads, transport facilities, building constructions, electricity are planned…show more content…
Pull factors: the pull factors those which attract an individual to migrate. Examples: employment opportunity, education, housing facilities etc. Push factors: the push factors which motivate migration are poverty, indebtedness, social outcast, unemployment, natural calamities etc. Which compete people to move out?2 The others factors: the physical condition of a region which varies according to time and space play vital role in influencing human migration from one region to another. Physical catastrophes such as earthquakes, landslides, climate fluctuation, etc., have time to time influenced migration. Floods, droughts force people to desert their place of origin in favor of safer areas. Economic factors: the important motivating factors are economic in search of better occupation, lack of cultivable land and growth of population. Prior to industrialization village cottage industries, and mechanization of agriculture made people to…show more content…
According to All India data a higher percentage of women migrating from rural - rural destinations compared to rural – urban destinations. The male migrants are dependent on female earnings till they find work. The social customs, tradition, induces people to migrate from one place to another. Inter caste marriage is an example. They are either socially outcasts or disliked the fellow villagers and relatives. Demographic factors: the growth of population and unbalanced growth of literacy are other important factors. People with higher education and work experience move to new areas for their better earnings. The birth rate and the death rates also influence human migration. The increases of population lead to increase of labours, and the surplus labour from rural areas migrate to urban

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