Transient Workers

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Furthermore, Singapore experiences low birthrate and an aging population with a sharp decrease over the years, hence, the stronger and younger transient workers would be able to replace the aging population of Singapore and help to sustain Singapore’s development through their different jobs, like the building of infrastructures in Singapore. In addition, because there is a low birth rate, but there are not enough young people to replace the old and weak citizens, and hence the physical help of the transient workers is very much appreciated by Singapore. Singapore is educationally biased thus the young and highly educated generations in Singapore would mostly want to take up white collared jobs in sync with their job qualifications. Therefore,…show more content…
The host country lacks the provision of suitable living and working conditions. For example, workers may live in a unhygienic environment or they do not receive their salaries on time. The people from the host countries may judge them based on their skin tone and race, hence the transient workers face social exclusion from the residents of the host country. There may be lack of measures on social interaction, such as letting the migrant transient workers learn new languages, or even just talking to them and acknowledging their work, which will let the migrant transient workers feel socially excluded and cannot blend into the culture and society of the host…show more content…
The migration of transient workers do benefit host countries because the workers work and build infrastructures for the host countries and as developing or developed countries, this will help to develop the country or sustain the country's’ development. However, transient workers will only work hard if the citizens and employers are reasonable, friendly and treat them with respect. In other words, host countries would have to be welcoming to the Bangladeshi transient workers for them to be encouraged to put in enough or more effort during their work. To try and integrate them into the society, people in host countries planned many activities or formed centres to help them feel welcomed, such as the Singapore’s MWC. As long as effort is put in to welcome the transient workers and host countries try to make them feel well integrated into the host country's society, the workers will definitely appreciate it and will be more motivated to do everything to the best of their abilities, to contribute to the host country. When the transient workers are hardworking, not only will their salaries increase because of their hardwork and effort, host countries will also benefit as the workers help to build many different infrastructures or other types of things that are important to them. Even if their salaries do not increase, the amount of basic income

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