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BACKGROUD: Verizon communications is also called as Verizon; it is an American broad band and telecommunications company based in New York City, incorporated in Delaware which was formed on June 30th 2000. It is also a merger of Bell Atlantic corp. and GTE corp. The symbol was selected as it uses two letters of Verizon logo that shows the speed and also the name VERITAS, a Latin word which means reliability, certainty, horizon, signifying forward looking and Visionary. As a bellwether to the industry the Verizon communications was added to Dow Jones industry in 2004. The Verizon communications has religional presence in wire line and national popularity in wireless technology which connects more than 100 million Americans daily to a Verizon…show more content…
Verizon revenue totaled 115.8 billion in 2012. Since 2008 the Verizon wireless had been exceeded Verizon wire line operations. Since 2009 to 2012, Verizon invested a total of more than $66 billion to maintain, upgrade and expand its technology. In wire line the Verizon provides the customers broad band services like fiber optic based TV and internet services called FIOS. Verizon communications is the only major US communications company building an advanced, all digital fiber optic network on mass scale to the customers homes. In generation the next In December 2010 Verizon wireless launched its 4G LTE (fourth generation long term evolution) mobile network, the fastest and most advanced 4G network in 38 metropolitan cities covering one third of US and 60 commercial airports. Today Verizon is a global leader in delivering broadband, wire line and wireless communications services to huge market, business, government and whole sale customers. At year end 2012, the company had a diverse workforce of 183,400 employees providing services to more than…show more content…
Diversity initiatives typically cover five principles and education 2. Management leadership 3.performance and accountability balance development and planning. At Verizon, diversity means preparing inclusive programs that reflects the diversity of employees, suppliers, customers and company partners. They globally provide a multicultural workforce of 176,800 employees. They recruit the people from good diverse backgrounds so as to satisfy the diverse customer needs with creative and innovative customer needs. Verizon has a talented and diverse team of employees who focus on the customer needs every day. They use combined intelligence, spirit and creativity to make Verizon a great work place to learn and grow. Verizon culture of inclusion- An everyday competitive advantage: At Verizon the culture of inclusion is not limited to days, weeks, months. Verizon chief and diversity officer Magda Yrizarry’s says they provide diversity and inclusion an everyday advantage. That is the reason the years global and diversity conference is named as “Accelerating our competitive advantage”. The company employees gathered for a day of informative keynotes and panel discussions about how they best use inclusive culture to better serve diverse customer base. Among the most critical points made by Verizon leaders and outside guests was the

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