What Is The News That Lady Macbeth Committed Suicide

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Paragraph 1: In this quotation, Macbeth is responding to Seyton’s news that Lady Macbeth has committed suicide. In addition, he is aware that Malcolm and Macduff’s English troops are approaching his castle. Surrounded with melancholy, he uses metaphor to describe the life as an insignificant actor in an insignificant play. This embodies the negative effects of his moral degradation on his perspective of life. Considering his impending loss of power and the death of his beloved wife, his final moments of life truly lack meaning. In addition, his description of life as an actor shows his belief of predetermined destiny. He suggests that his fate, whether good or bad, is determined by a higher power that “writes” the script of the play. This, in turn, dilutes that immorality of his murders as it suggests that they are out of his control.…show more content…
Before, he was captivated with ambition to retain his control over Scotland, committing countless murders in the process. Therefore, by stating that life lacks significance shows how he believes that the vice he has committed, along with the consequential inner conflict he struggled with, was in vain. In addition, melancholy is shown considering the passage is said after his realization that his wife, arguably a meaningful part of his life, committed suicide. The pessimism of the tone is shown when he says that life “frets his hour upon state” and then “heard” no more. This shows his dawning fear that his “hour” of control is on the verge of ending, after which he would fade into

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