Ethical Dilemmas: Montana Case Study Questions And Answers

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14. As the tax preparer, you are required to not sign the tax return while knowing about the $10,000 that Mrs. K found in the park. If the taxpayer was unsure of what she should have done, she should go through the questions regarding the applicability of ethical standards with this situation. After doing that, the taxpayer would completely understand that this would be unethical and cannot sign the tax return for Mrs. K. 21. The only other steps that the researcher should do before advising the client are citing the sources and documenting the researchers findings internally. The research should have all of her sources cited and on hand when discussing the issue with the client to verify the proof where the researcher found the information. The research should also make an internal document of her findings for back up purposes. This will allow for people who work on the client in the future to understand the researchers findings and thought process, and also is a good idea incase some of the researchers findings were to get lost. 24. The researcher should inform the client of her findings, both the Montana case and the revenue ruling. Along with informing the client, the researcher should also say the pros and cons to each situation whether going with the Montana ruling or the IRS’s…show more content…
Janet should have taken time to think about the gentleman’s offer. The biggest issue is that Janet is a solo practioner; does her current set of knowledge include corporate taxes and the issues involved with going public? The corporation going public and needing her assistance will also take up a lot of her time. Will she still be able to have the time to work for clients she currently has as a solo practioner? If she drops all her clients to be able to go help the corporation, what will she do when the corporation is public and does not need her assistance anymore? Janet needs to take a step back to think about these situations and reassess her

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