Case Study: Client Information

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Client Information Sheila is a 22 year old, single female who was referred by her academic advisor after sharing about her struggles. Client is in her first semester at the university where she is now in danger of failing two of her four classes. Client is also reporting feelings of depression, thoughts of suicide, and strong feelings of inadequacy. Client has a documented learning disability, client states she has no support system at school and has not even made any new friends on campus. Client’s History Sheila is from a small town in Virginia where she lived with her mother, father, and older sister. Client states that while she did spend much time with her family, it was not the healthiest environment; quite the contrary, Sheila…show more content…
Her family is Sheila’s first system, while she was abused or mistreated in any way by her immediate family, they did lack in connectedness. Sheila’s grandmother is extended family but possibly affected her more negatively than her immediate family, her grandmother talked to her and about her in cruel and degrading manner. When Sheila’s parents heard her grandmother speaking this way neither of them defended Sheila; that lead to dysfunction because Sheila believed everyone felt that about her. Now Sheila is becoming a part of other systems, such as her school, at school Sheila begins to slowly make friends but as time passes her grades slip and her father punishes her for not succeeding academically. Sheila loses any friends she had because of her low grades she now becomes a target of bulling and teasing. To Sheila this system, her school, is reinforcing the same message she has gotten from her family, she is not adequate. Sheila begins to fall into a depression, she loses hope of a different life because she has done the best she can and still loses. Even after Sheila is diagnosed with dyslexia and receives help at school she is in such a state of hopelessness, there is little advancement in her grades. She feels if she preforms in a certain way all will be right in the world, the problem is Sheila has never been able to change the way these people treat her. This has lead Sheila to the belief that she is not good enough, never will be and she begins contemplating
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