Holocaust Memorial Center Research Paper

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The Holocaust Memorial Center is a world renowned museum that targets people of all ages and backgrounds in order to grant them insight into the truths behind the Holocaust, even if some of these truths are quite gruesome. The spectrum of their audience is so immensely wide because they feel as though everyone can and should become aware of such a defining moment of our history, however ugly it may be. The audience that the Holocaust Memorial Center reaches out to also extends across all previous knowledge levels on the Holocaust. With the amount of information that is stored within the museum would, you can almost ensure that you could learn a new piece of information about the Holocaust by spending a day there even if you were a Holocaust expert. An important aspect that anyone who takes the time to walk through the halls of the Holocaust Memorial Center will pick up is the connection that one can make to the horrific events that occurred throughout the Holocaust. Although it can be difficult to comprehend how horrible the…show more content…
A prime example of this would be the boxcars that far too many Jews were forced to cram into in order to be transported from one horrible place to another. The tour guide explained how in one small box car there could be up to one hundred people riding in there for days on end. The crowded nature of the box combined with various other factors such as malnutrition and exhaustion led many of those being transported in the boxcars to perish; however, because the car was packed far over its maximum occupancy, there was simply no place for them to go. To give this some slight context based

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