The Role Of Sexuality In The Assassination Of The Black Religion

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The primary objective of White culture’s sexual subjugation of Blacks was to get the enslaved population to internalize the ideology of inferiority that is reflected systemically. It involves conditioning the oppressed to accept and embody the harmful behaviors, stereotypical beliefs of the dominant culture. The negation of self and others happens once the oppressed adopts the beliefs and stereotypes of the dominant group believing they are inferior and powerless. On a micro level, our family, friends and community can become institutions where the dominant ideologies are either reinforced or rejected daily. Negative thoughts, ideas, messages and perceptions are internalized to the point where individuals tend to view themselves, others, including their children the same way of the dominant group. The White culture’s assassination of the Black sexuality has…show more content…
Kelly Brown Douglas contends that it has shattered Black self- perception, relationships, and spirituality. She references deploying a sexual discourse of resistance to deconstruct the systems designed by the White culture as it pertains to Black bodies, sensuality, and spirituality (Douglas, p.69). My objective in this writing is to articulate the need for Black churches to have foster a sexually discourse of resistance as it relates to sexuality and spirituality Sexuality and spirituality are interlaced dimensions of our total being. Collectively, they expresses the fullness of God. Western culture tends to limit sexuality relating it exclusively as the physical act of sex. However, as Douglas’ point out, sexuality is more than just having sexual relationships; it involves affection,

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