Discourse Community Reflective Essay

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In English 1301 we have discussed the importance of incorporating rhetorical appeals, in order to efficiently join a discourse community. A discourse community identifies a grouping of people who share common language norms, characteristics, patterns, or practices as a consequence of their ongoing communications and identification. To be a successful participant and member of a discourse community, a person has to be a master of rhetoric. To effectively function with a group of people who share basic values and goals, the rhetorical elements, ethos, pathos, and logos, must become a part of that individual’s everyday life. Incorporating these rhetorical elements is crucial to the growth and eminence of the member striving to succeed in the discourse community. Through the application of ethos, pathos and logos, in my discourse community, I was able to gain preeminence at Ross (the retail store I work at), truly show compassion towards others by depicting to them that I understood their plight, and appeal to their logic and common sense, when aiming to quell a disagreement or tense situation. At my work place, the discourse community is made up of customers, managers and my fellow…show more content…
Each day I always displayed a positive attitude towards the managers and customers there. No matter how hard or unpleasant the task a manager assigned me to, I never complained, in order to always make it easy for them to ask me to do something, without hesitation or having to consider going to another employee. Now when an important task needs to get done, I’m their go-to-girl. I was able to prove to them, I was dependable by accepting the smaller and in most cases more laborious tasks. My managers now easily entrust to me bigger responsibilities, such as managing the cash drawer or by handing me the keys to the jewelry case, because they know I will take the job seriously, no matter how big or

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