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Without technology Carolina Day School would be lost. Students rely on technology every day for their learning and entertainment. Taking a walk through the Upper School you witness the active use of technology after every turn. In almost every classroom you can find students and teachers actively working on their computers to improve their learning experiences. In student areas* my fellow scholars can take a break from their academic day by using their phones or computers. Take away technology and students and teachers would struggle through the day to complete their work. Technology has influenced not only our academic environments but the dynamic of the whole world. Technology in schools is important to prepare students for “the real world”, and it has many benefits to the everyday life of high school students. It has advanced our ways of communication, and has improved our ways of researching.…show more content…
After our students graduate and continue to college they will use technology everyday and since it is essential to keeping up with their college assignments. At CDS we use programs like Moodle and Google Drive, many colleges use these as well. Our students will enter college prepared and informed on how to use these websites, therefore ahead of the game. Not just schools are using technology, it’s found in practically every job at least somewhere. Most jobs in today’s world have you applying online or printing off applications. Technology also makes scheduling and communicating with your coworkers much more efficient. Many jobs also require technology to do the job itself. By incorporating technology into the academic lives of students it familiarizes them and they are better prepared to learn. When they are using technology all the time they learn problem solving skills and will later be more efficient learners and workers with technology in job

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