Telstra Industry Analysis

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For the Australia telecommunications industry, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have a competitive race. Telstra still leading the market after Optus and Vodafone rolled out their 4G networks. The network performance of Telstra is the best which can prove by the number of subscribers (Telstra, 16.37 million; Optus, 9.43 million; Vodafone, 4.86 million) ( Moreover, Telstra had the lowest propensity of customers moving. From the prediction of mobile market share, Telstra will continue raise up to 54 percent. (Bingemann, 2015). Key changing of the industry is subscriber who use prepaid carry on the move to Telstra. Majority start using 4G network and the number of subscriber is growing, but the overall revenue slow down. Vodafone keep

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