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When was the last time the down-trodden and the oppressed had an advocate that wanted nothing more than to see them prosper? The answer to this question possibly brings to mind such individuals as Mother Teresa, John F. Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the antagonistic atmosphere of today’s society, a people’s advocate is more than needed, it is a pressing emergency. The career path on which I am headed (global ministry), the degree that I am pursuing, and my natural desire to help and liberate people, position me to operate as the activist I was created to be, to meet the needs of mankind. Career Path In 2007, I announced my call to ministry. Accepting the clerical responsibilities that come with being a full time minister was not an easy task for me. I was faced with challenges from the locals that caused me to question my calling. However, I pressed through every trial with the realization that obstacles are a part of life and that I was chosen as a vessel to bring a message of unconditional love to the world. With that being said, ministry is not a job to me, it is my way of life.…show more content…
Before my father passed in 1979, he was the sole proprietor of two full service salons. After his untimely death, everything that he worked so hard for faded into a memory in less than six months. My father’s salons were more than just a place for people to gather and enjoy an experience of beautification, they were a starting point for people who were in need of employment, meeting hubs for community activists, and a place for the youth to be mentored and trained to one day become prominent business

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