CSA Assessment

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Nicole Dixon Georgia Gwinnett College Dr. Robbins Childhood sexual abuse The authors in this study assessed the relationship between long term physical health consequences of childhood sexual abuse . With the use of meta-analysis, six health factors were assessed. The participants consisted of adults who experienced both childhood abuse and sexual abuse compared to those who had not experienced any form of abuse. Here we define abuse as any form of unwanted sexual or non-sexual contact. General health and six other categories were researched, as well as methodological factors that were reviewed as it related to this study. Hypotheses Presently, five aspects were analyzed to gain more of an understanding of CSA. These included factors such as: the samples, gender of the sample, one’s definition of abuse, the method used to perform the CSA assessment, and the comparison between the control group and non-control group. Throughout this study this literature as well as others were analyzed to gain an understanding of further health outcomes for an individual who has experienced CSA. Current studies between CSA and their comparison groups and the analysis of potential decline of how the CSA assessment is used…show more content…
Such issues as the sample sizes were not large enough especially with the measure of the analysis. Yes, the research did show there were effects that could be measured with those who have experienced CSA versus those who did not report such abuse; however, the testing lacked measures that would or could give some validity and is not comparable across the studies as a whole to the research. It is concluded that any further studies should warrant giving a solid look at the control groups, means, and other methodological factors to give future research a high

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