Business Ethics: Ethics And Ethics In Business

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1st Answer. First of all business activities are each of the activities that involved with the main purpose is making profit. And commercial activities can be including such things as operations, marketing, production and management. Value itself is common ideals that really significant and beliefs by the members a business community about what is good or bad and the desirable or undesirable in business activities. Value has a significant impact on the behavior of the actor in business activities. Some common business values are fairness, innovation and community involvement. For example, a company such as Alfamart provide added value to the products it retails at providing a comfortable place for customers to buy the product. They create an…show more content…
Ethics in business is certainly to be agreed upon by those who are in the business group as well as other related groups. Why? The business world, which does not exist concerning the relationship between employers and employers, but have, links nationally and even internationally. Of course in this case, to realize ethics in business needs a transparent discussion among all parties, employers, government, community and other nations not to just one party that runs the ethics while others stand for what they want. This means that if there are parties who do not know and approve the moral ethics and ethics, it is clear what had been agreed upon by businesses would never be realized. So, obviously to generate an ethic in the business which ensures the awareness between one party and the other party does not need a global conversation that leads to a rule that does not harm anyone in the economy. To create a good business ethics in business activities we must create a healthy competition as a moral. Competition in the business world need to improve the efficiency and quality, but the competition does not kill the weak, and vice versa, there must be a close tangle between big business and the middle and lower class, so that the development of large companies capable of providing a spread effect on the surrounding development.…show more content…
Nowadays, business actors already owned the awareness of the importance of business ethics in business operations. Even in the development of Business Ethics no longer a burden that had to be implemented but the company has become one of the company's development strategy. Benefits for companies to implement business ethics itself is to establish a strong company and have high competitiveness with other companies and has the ability. And also, to create high value company, we need a solid foundation. Usually starting from strategic planning, good organization, and the system transparent of procedures backed by a reliable corporate culture and corporate ethics implemented consistently and consequently. It must be believed that it is basically the practice of corporate ethics will always give the advantage to the company, either for long term or short term. As for the benefits towards Multi National Company in implementing business ethics, are: a) The Company earned the trust of consumers. Honest company will create loyal customers. Even consumers would recommend to others to use the product. b) The company's image in the eyes of consumers either. With a good brand image, the public will know the company and its products can be increased

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