Business Ethics: Wal-Mart's Code Of Conduct

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The reason I have chosen business ethics is that every company has to have business ethics in order operate. These two companies have displayed successful and unsuccessful business ethics throughout their time of operation. Wildgame innovations is always staying on top of the next best thing in hunting. Walmart is not so much well at this because they are showing their hands when putting the products on what they call rollback. Business ethics runs the company on their path to success or straight into the ground within time. Concerns People should kind of be concerned about business ethics so that they can see a company is doing good or is getting slammed into the wall. Walmart running the way they do shows that they have lost much…show more content…
If they do not display good business ethics to the employees under them then the employees would not show it to the customers. The managers persuade how their employees should act and work at helping the customer and fellow employees. It is a trickle effect of ethics as it starts with the management team, moves its way down the ladder chain of the company. The business ethics need to be displayed in good manners by all higher up in order for the employees to see its that is how they should perform their ethics while working and with customers. Most Walmart employees do not show good business ethics because their management team probably does not show it. As well those certain employees are probably never taught what good business ethics are from the beginning from their…show more content…
Walmart does many things that proves they do not use or show good business ethics within the company. The higher up management does not show up very often to see how their are running. When they do it is all about what the store is doing wrong and never what is going good at the store. The store manager at most stores do not even care how employees are working or customers, it is just all about the money. I know this for a fact as I work at a Walmart. They do what is called rollbacks on some products in order to more or get the product to move, well most products that get put on rollback never even changes price. When a product is put on rollback the price will lower making it look more incising to the customer. On some products that do not really sell much get put on the rollback, but Walmart will lie about the price and it will still be at the same price but made to look like it has lowered. Most employees will show customers an attitude and not perform to their best. This is because most managers show the same disrespect so their employees think it is okay to show it to. On top they let politics play apart in their business ethics and that is one reason they have had so many changes through the Walmart corporation. These poor business ethics are smothering sales ahead of the sales even being

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