Ethical Ethics In Business Ethics

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INTRODUCTION Utilitarian is a philosophy in which an action is considered right if the outcome or the consequences would lead to positivity or happiness and will be considered wrong if the outcome will be negativity or unhappiness. Where as Deontology is a philosophy that deals with rights, ethics dealing with duty, moral commitments and moral obligation or responsibility. Both philosophies play a very imperative role for ethics in business. DILEMMA On reading the paragraphs given, there are several options that can be examined. The very first dilemma is whether Paul, being the main market analyst gave the laptop to his friend to check his mail several times over the weekend as he mentioned or he just made a story to cover up his foolishness.…show more content…
The dilemma is whether he is to be retained or not. If he is retained it is quite a possibility that other employees can take advantage and repeat the mistake done by the main market analyst intentionally. Employees should not be shown a picture in which any unprofessional or unethical act by them (as done by Paul in this case) will be appreciated in the company and therefore they will be given strict punishment. And if he is not retained then company will have to face major complications in the upcoming new promotion scheme as him being the main market analyst of the company and additionally company will miss out on his experience and expertise, which is very significant and important for the…show more content…
The company has to take an action against such an unethical act and punish the guilty (Paul, in this case). That could be done through points like suspension, deduction in salary, and limited use of office’s equipment and facilities also there can be amendments in the company policy. The first and foremost option after reading the whole scenario and knowing that the promotions are coming up, the company cannot afford to loose their main market analyst (Paul) of something he hasn’t accepted but at the same time Paul’s deed cannot be neglected as it might have negative influence on the employees. Hence, suspension as well as ignorance is not an option for Paul. The second option could be that the company cut a portion of Paul’s salary for making personal use of the office equipment so that it serves as a lesson to the coworkers that any kind of violation towards the company rules will not be entertained. An unprejudiced decision towards the guilty would be taken and face ramifications which can be giving up a portion of their salaries. Third option can be Paul’s restricted from the facilities provided by the company in order to make him realize his

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