The Importance Of Business Ethics In Business

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"Business ethics do not really matter to small firm owners. They will get away with whatever they can in order to succeed. Critically examine why such a view of small firm might to pervasive and whether it is likely to be acc" Introduction At present Business ethics is very popular concept in world wide. Though there are positive and negative arguments about it. There are one group of people thought that business is all about profit making so when a person doing business, he/she should focus on profit. And others group of philosophers said. Practice business ethics and a business man should give good facilities their employee or worker and also focus on profit. At first we have to clear about "Ethics", before explain "Business Ethics". Ethics…show more content…
There is the concept of ‘business ethics' is used in different ways. The First idea originated in united state than within a few years it well-known in all over the world. At present days the most of the organization try to follow the business ethics but sometimes there are the small firm does not practice business ethics on the other hand the big firms are continuously improve and practice their business ethics. Any kind of business either small or big always faced numerous ethical dilemmas on regular bases. (McFarlane, 2013) Some of these dilemmas start from personal leadership and managerial approach beside this different situation and problems that create confusion and make decision difficult. In our country first the MNC start practice business ethics in Bangladesh earlier in 21st century it become popular in our country people understand that it actually help them to expend their business before that there is a misunderstanding that may be it create problem for business still some organization don’t follow business ethics in some case it is true that business ethics create problem for small business for example if a fruit seller don’t use formalin in his product than if he don’t sell all his product in a limited time period than he loses a big amount of money which is a big part of his total capital on this case usually he don’t follow business…show more content…
Hegel (1820). These philosophers wrote about economic fairness, especially distributive justice. Karl Marx justifies mention for the reason that he took an anti-capitalism position and claimed capitalism could be morally condemned because of exploitation. In the last fifty years is the philosophy contribution of John Rawls (1971), the most impact on understanding the macro or normative area of business ethics. The perspective of the Rawls (1971), Difference the principle to make the most of the minimum which holds that the worst off position should be made as well off as possible. Since the employment of Rawls is linked to earlier philosophical discussions of distributive justice it is discussed in this time period. In 1960-2008 is selected to reflect approximately fifty years of rising interest and fast change in business ethics. In this time period there are also shaped the current administrative view of business ethics that is seen in global ethics programs in business. In the 1990 time of period has been a critical period of time with respect to global ethics crises and public policy developments designed to institutionalize business ethics around the

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