Homecomings In The Odyssey

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In the land of the dead, Agamemnon finds out that Odysseus’s successfully killed all the suitors and regained power of Ithaca. Agamemnon is overjoyed by the success of Odysseus because it mean that his wife was faithful, which is a big theme throughout The Odyssey as well as themes like betrayal, marriage, unwelcome homecomings and the death of heroes which were also revenged during the battle in the great hall. Agamemnon exclaims his joy for Penelope’s faith and Odysseus’s successful homecoming; “Penelope” “made a valiant wife! True to her husband’s honor” (24. 221, 219, 220). Agamemnon is truly happy for Odysseus and Penelope because earlier in the Epic, Agamemnon warned Odysseus to be careful upon homecoming. This is also a very important scene because hear a lot about the unheroic death of the suitors; “mortally wounded” “Men” “brought” “down like sheep” (24. 203, 204, 206, 207). The…show more content…
As the scene progresses we learn more about the battle in the great hall, as well as the feelings of the suitors and of Agamemnon. During Amphimedon’s description of the horrific events that occurred in the the great hall, Agamemnon is talking about his disgraceful death during his homecoming and how lucky Odysseus is to have a faithful wife; “Klytaimnestra” “waited to stab her lord and king”(24. 225, 226). Agamemnon warned Odysseus prior to his homecoming about his wife and the possible betrayal he might face, that unfortunately killed Agamemnon upon his homecoming. Amphimedon blamed Penelope for the death of all the suitors beaus of her unwillingness to pick a suitor to marry; “Here is one of her tricks” (24. 145). Marriage is a very big theme in The Odyssey because throughout the whole book, Penelope is constantly being asked for her hand in marriage, and constantly refuses in order to stay loyal to her husband
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