Call Of The Wild

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he Call of the Wild was a good book. It was not my favorite book. The Call of the Wild was hard for me to read. I would read the book and I would not remember the small details. This book isn't a bad book but isn't close to the best. The first chapter was not my favorite. The first chapter had some good parts to it. I enjoyed the great detail of the book right from the start. I liked the parts of Buck living in a big nice home in Santa Clara Valley. I did not like the parts of the book where buck was beaten and neglected. I hated when buck was choked with a rope and had an inflamed windpipe. The Call of the Wild really foreshadows that buck is going to become a sled dog. The part of this foreshadowing that most gives it away is when it says buck could not read the newspaper or he would have known what was coming. The part of all this that was my favorite was when Buck had trust in Manuel until…show more content…
I liked the detail in which it described Bucks transformation. His body can digest foods that used to be inedible to him. I like the way buck learns and has visions of how to reconnect with his ancestors. My favorite part of his transformation is when his muscles become as strong as iron. I did not like the way the call of the wild was set up in third person. This third person point of view made this book almost impossible for me to read and fully understand. The only chapter that was actually easy to read was Chapter 4. For the rest of the chapters in the book I am surprised i didn't fail all the tests. If u want to know about call of the wild I suggest you watch the movie. The seventh chapter really brought The Call Of The Wild together. Chapter 7 told of how Buck went to live with his wild ancestors. my favorite part was when it told that John Thornton died. Buck did not really know what to do. the best part of it all was that Buck didn't seem too sad about John's

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