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Bronfenbrenner together with Ann Crouter (Urie Brofenbrenner, 1983) realised and devised a more enlightened and revolutionary scientific pattern of investigating the impact of the environment on development. These were very useful frameworks for organising and collating studies for the effects of poverty on development, particularly in schooling. There are two dimensions to this structure; the external systems affecting the family and the manner in which the exert influence and the second dimension relates to the degree of explicitness and differentiation accorded to the interfamilial process that are influenced by the external environment (Brofenbrenner, 1986, pp. 722-750). The external system is divided into Mesosystem models, now the Mesosystem…show more content…
their work place. Following this is the Chrono system which deals with changes over time, not only of the individual but of the individual’s environment and analysing the dynamic relation between the two processes. This system makes it possible to scrutinize the influences on an individual’s developmental changes over a period of time in the exact and specific environments in which the individual is in (Brofenbrenner, 1975) . The most uncomplicated form of the Chrono system focuses on a life of transformation. There are two types of this system; normative (entry into school, puberty, entry into labour force, marriage, retirement) and nonnormative (death, divorce, illness within the family). These realignments happen throughout life and are often the catalyst for changes in…show more content…
Because of limited resources within the family, there will be more often than not limitations in the purchasing of clothing; children may even have to share clothing with their siblings. These children often go to school with so adequate or proper uniform and become “outcasts” with their peers. Poor children will often be unable to enrol in activities with their peers as these cost money that is unavailable at home (costs of paying for lessons, the right gear and equipment). A stigma may be attached to children who are viewed or perceived as different at school. These children then isolate themselves and engage less and less in activities with their

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