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Background History: Long before United State of America had a lot of influence on their cuisine by different countries, there were Native Americans living there and their own kind of cuisine. The Native American cuisine, cooking techniques, procurement method and dining customs differed from tribe to tribe and depending on where they were; South, East, North or West. They depended on local food and what they found around them. Maize, beans and squash were called the three sisters because they were the primary foods on which the Native American cuisine was concentrated on. There were other foods which were generally consumed like nuts, berries, small game (squirrel, rabbit etc.), fish and fruits. Traditionally, older members of the family didn’t have a regular meal time they ate when they felt like it. However, a big bowl of soup was served in the morning. They would go work for a while then come eat bowl of soup or corn bread. The meal was…show more content…
Some of the primary impacts were; The introduction of the “old world” animals, spice and plants to the “new world”. This was known as the Columbian exchange- which included pigs, oranges, olives, apples, cattle, grapes, onions, cabbage, peas, lettuce, carrots, watermelon…show more content…
Dishes based on chicken, seafood, pork and local fruit and vegetables cooked. “The classic traditional Hawaiian feast is theluau based around a puaa kalua (whole pig) that has been shaved and rubbed with rock salt on the inside. It is then placed on chicken wire, filled with hot stones from the fire, and cooked in an imu (pit) along with sweet potatoes, plantains and sometimes laulau (pork, butterfish and spinach-like taro shoots wrapped in leaves and steamed). Served with traditional Hawai'ian poi (thick paste made from ground

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