Why Is Huck Finn A Good Role Model

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Amarjot Singh Mrs. Cangialosi English 10 Period 3 9-30-15 Role Models showed in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Society today is filled with great people helping the less fortunate, or even teaching those that need help. We consider them role models, however not all role models are the best. Some people think they are role models when they aren’t, all they want to do is to lead you in the wrong direction. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, there are many characters that can be considered as role models, such as the Widow, Judge Thatcher. Also, Twain shows us the bad role models like Pap. Throughout the The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain shows us the importance of having a role model in one’s life. In every novel there are characters and the characters can play small roles or even big roles. In this novel there are many small characters that play tremendous roles to the protagonist of the novel who is Huck. One of those characters is Widow Douglas. Widow Douglas took Huck in as her own son. Twain shows Widow Douglas as if she was Huck’s mom, “and she would sivilize me” (Twain 1). She…show more content…
Pap is that person he wants to be at the top, as if Pap was the king and whatever he wants he gets. “Next day he was drunk, and went to Judge Thatcher’s and bullyragged him, and tried to make him give up the money;” (Twain 19). Poor Huck is a victim to Pap’s trickery, Pap tried to force Huck to get the money back from Judge Thatcher. ”He catched me a couple of times and thrashed me, but I went to school just the same, and dodged him or outrun him most of the time” (Twain 21). Not only that but he also told Huck to stop going to school. Pap didn’t like the fact that his own son was being educated and that he might become more attached to the Widow since she was introducing him to the civilized part of society. Huck also wanted to escape Pap’s beatings for not listening to

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