Role Model: Markiplier's Influence On Me

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Everyone has a role model or someone that they look up to who influences them. Mine lies in the seemingly average YouTube gamer who’s only request of his audience is to strive towards their goals. “No matter how many losses you take, get back up and face your fears over and over because after a while you’ll start to realize that they were never holding you back at all.” In this quote by Mark Fischbach, whom is more commonly known as Markiplier, a popular video game “let’s player” and commentator, he supports the theme of never giving up on yourself or your dreams because of temporary roadblocks. This quote is only one of many from popular YouTube funnyman that is immensely motivating for his fans old and young alike. Markiplier has influenced me in many ways throughout the years that I’ve been subscribed to him, but the main focus is that he taught me and many others to take chances, to believe in myself, and to not ever give up no matter how despairing a situation may seem.…show more content…
He sets himself apart from all the rest to the point where I could tell just by viewing a few of his videos that he values his supporters above all else and he displays this in his frequent “Thank You” sessions, which are targeted towards his fans. A main focus of these “Thank You” segments is reiterating the idea that it is acceptable to take chances on things that you really want in life even when people tell you that you’re going to fail. Instead just use their negativity to fuel you to your goals even if it’s just to show them what you’re capable of in the end, but never let them convince you that they’re right. This is supported in another quote by Mark where he says, “People will tell you that you can’t, for as long as you are trying to do something, and they are wrong. But nothing could be more wrong than actually believing

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