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“The first Boys' Club was founded in 1860 in Hartford, Connecticut. In 1906, 53 independent Boys' Clubs came together in Boston to form a national organization, the Federated Boys' Clubs. In 1931, the organization renamed itself Boys' Clubs of America, and in 1990, to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. As of 2010, there are over 4,000 autonomous local clubs, which are affiliates of the national organization. In total these clubs serve over four million boys and girls. Clubs can be found in all fifty states as well as locations in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and US military bases. In total, Boys & Girls Clubs of America employ about 50,000 staff members. The Chronicle of Philanthropy ranked Boys & Girls Clubs of America number one among youth organizations for the 13th consecutive year, and number 12 among all nonprofit organizations. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America is the official charity of Major League Baseball. Also Denzel Washington, a former club member, has been the spokesperson for Boys & Girls Clubs of America since 1993” (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, Boys and Girls Club).”…show more content…
I attended Boys and Girls Club since I was 7 years old till I was 16. Since the day I signed up it has had a huge impact to my life, more than anyone can imagine. The origination is dedicated to help children and teens to become great young adults to society. The amount of love the staff and organization shows to their members is out of this world. They’re an open hand to people who feel they need extra help in life. Some people walk through life lonely with no one to guide them into the right direction and I feel this is where the Boys and Girls Club organization plays a huge

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