Comparing The Atomic Bomb And The Manhattan Project

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The Atomic Bomb and the Manhattan Project The Manhattan project was a plan that started the Atomic Bomb. It was the most top kept secret in the U.S Army. Both the Manhattan Project and the Atomic bomb made history in World War II. This decision to make the Atomic Bomb and the Manhattan Project showed the importance of putting an end to World War II by using important people to develop weapons of mass destruction. There were a lot of important people during the war that helped make the decision of making of the atomic bomb. Harry Truman was one in particular that had to make a decision that was life changing. “Truman stood out because he had to decide on whether to drop the bomb on Japan or not. With a decision as difficult, challenging, and dangerous you have to be careful on what you decide because it could fire back on you (the U.S). He felt that the bomb would help. The President of the United States during this time had a lot to do with when the war was going to start. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declares war on Japan. He approved the 2 billion dollar effort that was carried on by the Manhattan Project that was a result of the Atomic Bomb. Roosevelt had a lot of pressure on his shoulders as well as Truman. Franklin did not get a chance to live to see the bomb being…show more content…
The start of the project happened in the mid-40s.’’The Manhattan U.S government research project started from 1942- 1945. Its first test was on July 16, 1945 and the test name was Trinity. The location of the successful test was in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The official decision to use the bomb was December 1941. The reason for that was because of Truman’s war objectives and the possibilities of a quick victory. He made his decision from a military perspective and for his country. J. Robert Opperheimer was somewhat behind the origin of

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