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Corrie ten Boom After WWII Today there is a tree planted in the Jerusalem museum, planted by Corrie ten Boom. The tree is in honor of the many Jewish lives that Corries family saved. Corrie was a brave and strong woman. She did many things to help the lives of Jews. Corrie ten Boom after the horrifying WWII. How did Corrie help Jews after WWII? She began a worldwide ministry that took her into more than sixty countries, in thirty- two years! I personally think that is amazing. When Corrie was traveling she became a motivational speaker. Her speeches were about, how to encourage faith and love in the hardest times of our life. Corrie said “ we cannot do anything without Jesus, we cannot do nothing.” In 1959, Corrie was in a group which revisited Ravensbruck, to honor Betsie and the ninety- six thousand other woman who died there. Corrie and her family nearly saved 800 Jewish lives.…show more content…
Corrie wanted to encourage Americans to pray for Jews and encourage Jews around the world. Corrie still wanted to help Jews and many other people. Corrie was honored by the Queen of Holland as a war hero. She became famous for being a great war hero. Corrie says “ Jesus can change loss into glory.” She also said many other Quotes in her speeches. Corrie wrote many books of her life during WWII. She wrote books to inspire people and readers. In 1971 she wrote the book The Hiding Place. It was the first book she ever wrote. When I read this book I could not imagine myself in such a horrible condition. Most of the books that Corrie wrote were about her life and of the lord. She told the story of her family members and their WWII life. The Hiding Place book was made into a world wide pictures film in 1975, having Jeannette Clift film as Corrie and Julie Harris film as

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