Fahrenheit 451: A Short Story

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Around dusk, following a brief patrol of Camelot’s Wild Wood, Perceval entered his and Joan’s chamber in the castle. Before he had the opportunity to peel off his knight’s cape and strip out of his weighty hauberk, Joan all but accosted him. “Perceval, are you sure the table’s set properly?” She tugged at his cape and urged him toward the long pine dining table. “And do you think we have enough bread? Wine? I’m worried about the wine because Gawain is coming and we know how he likes his wine. What if it’s not enough?” She tapped her fingers on the table and peered at the display before her. “We might not have enough butter, either…” Joan fussed with the settings, adjusting the distribution of colorful autumn leaves decorating the white linen…show more content…
The knights determined the attack had been carried out by two Picts of the North, based on the adornments and tattoos found on the men’s dead bodies. The would-be assassins had killed several armory guards, stealing their helmets and capes, allowing the intruders to masquerade as knights of Camelot. The Picts still held a grudge against Arthur for a crushing defeat they’d suffered at his hands a few years prior. The battle against the Picts had been the first one Perceval had engaged in as a Knight of Camelot, and it had been terrifying. No amount of training prepared a man to face such a fierce and ruthless enemy, one who charged down the field as if they’d never yield to death, and fought with frightening inhumanity. Looking back, it was a miracle Perceval survived that first confrontation. At seventeen, he felt woefully unprepared. However, those moments on the field in Selcovia in the north solidified Perceval’s friendship with Gawain. As a large man, Perceval attracted attention on the field, and men often wanted to challenge him, as a win against such a huge warrior might bring acclaim. Perceval had been surrounded at one point, but Gawain charged into the fray, and the two knights beat back the Pictish
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