Classic Citrullinemia

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1. Describe the condition. I choose Citrullinemia, type 1.the Citrullinemia condition is an inherited disorder with multiple forms which have different treatments and it has early symptoms, expecting outcomes, and genetic cause. These symptoms have different things for showing a cause and different genes and is cause ammonia, amino acid disorders and other deadly element accrue in the blood. Citrullinemia, (also it is known as classic citrullinemia); it can recognizable in the first few days of the baby`s life. When the baby was birth is looks normal in the first place, but as ammonia builds up in the body`s babies starting sickness. 2. Early symptoms. Citrullinemia type one is found in early symptoms, signs which some of them are different from seen in…show more content…
When babies shows these things we have to contact doctors immediately .also if babies are not eating foods or baby`s body cannot break down the foods and takes more time without eating foods properly. 3. expected outcomes. Yes, there are expected outcomes for this citrullinemia condition. Every baby who gets early treatment for citrullinemia has a good chance to health, growth and developments for the baby`s health. There are children have a high ammonia level, even if these children have the treatments. Those children need to be in the hospital to remove ammonia from their blood. It is every important to get treatment in early the children have citrullinemia, because the babies who are do not get early treatment can be a risk for coma, brain damage, death, and etc. 4. Genetic causes. Yes, there are genetic cause conditions for Citrullinemia. These genetic causes an illness, abnormal in gene, chromosomes and there caused by mutations in the argininosuccinate synthestese

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