Dietitian Case Study Essay

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Each dietetic student will be completing a case study project using participants or patients from two primary care based programs. We are expected to observe individual patient or client nutrition counseling sessions and complete a nutrition care plan for a selected patient/client. I believe this project is going to be exciting because all the information we have been learning for many years get put in action. I will get to perceive a real life one-on-one counseling of a Dietitian and a patient. I will get to see a nutrition care plan get developed based on the information the patient provide at the time. My concern is getting a patient that is not corporative with the information the Dietitian is providing to them. That would show me that…show more content…
Since we are visiting to shadow a Dietitian, I suspect the population would be patients whom nutrient consumption have a negative effect on their health. I have been in many clinic for interning, so I believe that this clinic will have the similar setting to a small hospital. Patients will have to come in, fill out an admissions form, and be seated till they are called to see the Dietitian. The facility will have a lobby for waiting, nurses for more in-depth illnesses, a pharmaceutical place, and multiple rooms to see patients. The facility will also have individual food-related counseling, information about nutrition for vegetarians, exercise, cholesterol, weight reduction, and eating disorders. The facility will also have a room set up for taking different measurements. I think the population will be more like people who are underweight, overweight, and obese. The reason I stated that is because they have a nutrition based program that aims to help patients reach their nutritional goals. So the population should also be filled with those seeking knowledge on the bases of healthy consumptions, how to gain, lose, or maintain weight with frequent meal, and the process of reaching nutritional goals. I envision a patients that are eager to better themselves by contributing to a

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