Cancer Monologue

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Cancer Hello, most of you may have heard of me or know me very well. Most people despise me and want to destroy me. You could say I’m what you would call your worst nightmare. I’m something you wouldn’t ever want to wish on your worst enemy. I’ll bring you down when you feel you are at your highest. I will make you feel like the dirt underneath your shoe as you walk along the rocky dirt road. I’m the whirling, high speed winds during a tornado that will swoop you up and give you no chance. You could compare me to the dull, yellow mustard stain that you can’t get out of your favorite white T-shirt, always there and near impossible to get rid of. You see my job is all about timing. It's me versus all those medicines that you try to pull…show more content…
My job is to slowly creep up on you. I’m so sneaky that I’ll even be there without you knowing it yet. I come in many different forms, but it's my choice which powerful tool I want to use against you. My favorite is to go for the lungs. I’ll be like a punch to the throat, take your breath away and bring a sharp, constant pain in your chest and back. Sometimes I’ll get bored of attacking the same person if I’m not winning against those fiery, devious white blood cells that always try to mess up my work. It's like when a snake sees something they feel threatened by and they try to strike at it, only to be defeated by the thick, clear glass separating the two of you. My capabilities are almost unstoppable. You think you can kick me out the door with chemotherapy and radiation. Little did you know, sometimes I will leave a little trace behind me only to reappear again when you least expect! I know your body won't be able to go against me, chemotherapy, and radiation all at the same time again and again. I love to bring you down so far that you won't be able to pick yourself back up again, not only physically but mentally. I am going to make your hair come out in globs, that beautiful silky hair you’ve tried growing out for so long all will be gone in the snap of my
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