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Boko Haram was formed in 2002 by Yusuf. Yusuf preached an exclusionist doctrine, touting a geocentric type of the universe and rejecting all kinds of western traditions and proclaiming that the planet was flat. These beliefs acquired it a nickname "Boko Haram" translated "Western Education is Forbidden” in the Hausa dialect. Until July 2009 from 2003, Yusuf focused on establishing Boko Haram’s firm structure by recruiting the poor and currying favors using politicians inside the northern half of the nation to cement his position as being one of the richest men in North Nigeria and a power broker. When he caused a rebellion that killed 800 folks over several days, this transformed in July 2009. Following this tragedy, Yusuf was caught and executed…show more content…
When taking a look at Nigeria's history since decolonization, Boko Haram is just the continuation of vicious developments that have caused distress in the North after every two decades, proposing the kinds of conditions that exist void of an elected democratic government of Nigeria or the leadership of the nation. Certainly, contextualizing Boko Haram in this manner permits intellectuals to probe into linkages between the present and the Maitatsine Uprisings that convulsed Northern Nigeria in the 1980's. In that instance, a massive rebellion was arranged by a radical cleric called Mohamad Marwa from Northern Cameroon in December 1980 in Kano. Following uprisings happened between 1982 and 1985. What is intriguing about the Maitatsine Riots is that two curious lines can trace those events back to Boko Haram. First, the current Nigerian Leader, Muhamadu Buhari was part of the 1980'sbcounterinsurgency campaigns. Additionally, Muhammad Yusuf’s uncle, the person that brought him up, actively took part in the discord as a lieutenant in Mawra’s…show more content…
In November 1980, a radical cleric called Mohammad Marwa from Northern Cameroon encouraged his supporters to go up against the Nigerian government. Maitatsine was nicknamed by Marwa,(“the one who damns” in Hausa), because considered himself a prophet and talked against western values. When the initial riots began in 1980, Muhammadu Buhari's uncle was serving as one of Maitatsine's lieutenants. He made it through the subsequent riots launched by General Muhammadu Buhari and went on to bring up his nephew. Osama bin Laden directed the sum of $3 million to Nigeria to assist in the formation of a terrorist organization in 2002. Using support from al-Qaeda, Muhammed Yusuf coopted an area youth team in a school in Maiduguri, beginning Boko Haram. Just like his predecessor Maitatsine, Yusuf was vocal with his extremist views of Islam that denied all kinds of Western values. He assumed that technology was a type of paganism, that the planet was flat, and that it was Nigeria mission to change all institutionalized Western values into Sharia

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