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The Savvy was launched June 2005 in Malaysia as a manual transmission-only model, followed by the introduction of Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) model in November 2005. Export models of the Savvy were introduced to the United Kingdom in September 2005. The Savvy was also among two models (alongside the Proton Gen-2) the now defunct MG Rover was seeking to rebadge when it entered talks with Proton's parent company in 2005. On January 19, 2007, a photos hopped face lift was released, sporting minor changes on the front and rear of the car. In 2006, Proton introduced a "Savvy Zero kit" variant developed in conjunction with the Proton's motors ports division, R3 (Race Rally Research), that includes an all-round body kit and rear spoiler…show more content…
Overall, Proton has been successful in the Middle East due to their aggressive marketing and penetration strategies. Proton also maintains presence in Qatar through a distributorship with Doha Marketing Services Company W.L.L. besides the Arab countries mentioned above, Proton products are also available in Bahrainthrough International Motor Trading Agency W.L.L Bahrain, was their sole retailer, importer and distributor of all ranges of Proton cars and accessories. Proton forged a strategic alliance with Al Hashar Group of companies, and the company has the responsibility of making Proton cars available to Oman market. Kuwait market also has the opportunity of using Proton's products through a distributorship via Bahrah Trading a Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer & Son Est in Kuwait. The last but not least Middle Eastern country penetrated is United Arab Emirate where Proton cars are marketed by Al Ghandi motors through another distributorship and reseller program. 2.6…show more content…
2.8 AFRICA In their quest to dominate the global automobile industry, Proton has extended their presence into the African continent through a Joint Venture with Pearl Automotive Pty Ltd. This joint-venture partnership is designed to provide Proton cars to the South African market, and also the Mauritius market. South African and Mauritius are currently the only nations Proton have entered in the African continent. Globalization has peeved way for success of numerous enterprises, as many companies who are capable of handling foreign markets have chosen to internationalize due to the more friendly global market presented by numerous economic policies and international agreements between governments of different nations. The success of Proton is no different as it started as a joint-venture business with Japanese automotive big brother Mitsubishi Motors in the early 1985 and quickly climbed the success ladder due to huge price cuts compared to foreign brands and government's protectionism polices meant to protect local automotive

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