Media's Influence On Body Image

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It wasn’t until I reached a certain age that I realized how much an individual’s body image is shaped based on their surroundings. Body image is a complicated aspect of self perception, once it’s damaged it’s difficult to fix. Self esteem begins to shape at a young age, making us the perfect target to the mass media. The media sets standards for how you should look at a young age, then from their you’ll spend more money maintaining these standards into your adulthood. Even though profits are a big concern with the media, it’s not worth damaging someone’s body image. Children of all sexual orientations can be affected by what they see in the media, but females are far more likely to be impacted negatively. Compared to males, 66% of females think their size is too large. This is expected when females are used the most to set standards for…show more content…
It’s also been found that women younger than 19 are impacted the most, making them the most vulnerable to the media. Let’s say it begins when a female is introduced to the Barbie doll. She won’t realize Barbie’s “perfection” until she hits puberty, when she’s most concerned with how her body looks. Then she starts her first diet at only 13, striving to get Barbie’s proportions. This can be highly lethal to the female body since this is a crucial time for nutrition in order to develop properly. Actions such as this can easily lead to an eating disorder, in fact anorexia is the third most common chronic disease among adolescents. In a better case scenario, that child who idolized Barbie her whole life will just end up spending a great amount of money on plastic surgery as an adult. Either way both cases illustrate that the media has far too much control over how we see ourselves. This wouldn’t be the case if the media didn’t cause so much pressure to strive for the ideal beauty

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