Negative Body Image Analysis

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Introduction A good body image creates in a person a positive attitude towards oneself. As people grow older and start to become aware about their appearance, body image becomes one factor that influences their lives. People have different outlook and perception about their body, ranging from extremely negative to very positive. What is regarded to be society's standards may not always correspond to one’s perception of his/her own body. Having a good body image helps an individual improve oneself. Negative body image or Body Image Dissatisfaction is when people feel uncomfortable and not satisfied with their looks and they think and see about themselves in a negative way (ReachOut, 2015). It consists of a deformed perception of body size…show more content…
Technology is adapting, providing people with better tools. People are exposed to different gadgets because it is a norm in the society nowadays. The study about body image is very timely because of the technology. Identifying the level of the control group’s and experimental group’s body image in terms of the pretest results, identifying the level of the control group’s and experimental group’s body image in terms of the posttest results, to know if there is a significant difference between the control group’s and experimental group’s body image in terms of their pretest and posttest results and to determine the significant effect of selfie taking techniques on the experimental group’s body image are the objectives of the…show more content…
Grossbard (2009), Xu (2010) and Ata (2007) found that social comparisons, parental comments, pressure from peers and family and media are the things that could affect one’s body image. Brausch (2007, 2009) found that for both males and females, body image offered a unique contribution to the measurement of suicide ideation. In his second study, results showed that body image contributed to depressive symptoms. Depressive symptoms contributed to suicide ideation. In terms of sports and products in body image, Slater (2011) concluded that teasing and body image concerns may reduce the adolescent girls’ rates of participation in sports and other physical activities. Field (2005) Results suggest that just as girls may resort to unhealthful means to achieve a low body weight with the use of products, girls and boys may also resort to unhealthful means to achieve other desired

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