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Most of us are active on Internet and connected on Social Media. The things with no reason go viral. Internet is to increase our knowledge. Now it uses as a platform to circulate fake news. Social media has become a platform to make fake news viral. Some deadly diseases do not exist and are internet hoax. These diseases are frictional with no existence. Urban people are responsible for the creation of this kind of internet hoax. It is advice does not believe in such kind of myths. The different types of fake diseases trending on internet are as follows: 1. Chronic Lyme Disease Chronic Lyme disease is the most common fake disease. Some theories have proved this type of diseases does not exist in reality. The medical groups have conducted a theory…show more content…
Adrenal Fatigue is simply a term use for mental, physical and emotional stress. There is no such diagnosis possible. Adrenal fatigue has no medical identity. Some of you may get confuse with the two terms Adrenal Fatigue and Adrenal Efficiency. The medical term is Adrenal Efficiency not Adrenal Fatigue. The medical treatment of Adrenal Efficiency is available. 7. Morgellons Syndrome Like other internet hoaxes, Morgellous syndrome is a fake disease. Some people claim that they are suffering from the fake disease. They feel the sensation of bugs crawling in their skin. A woman name Mary Leitao discovered the term Morgellous Syndrome in 2002. She claimed her 2-year-old son suffering from Morgellous Syndrome. Research conducted on the people. It found that it is psychiatric condition known as delusional infestation. People have an illusion of parasites crawling on their body. The disease has no medical evidence in the Medical Science. 8. Trypophobia You all are aware of the word Phobia. We get any information from any other website on internet. It relates to any other kind of phobia. You should not believe on it. It is a fake disease. There is not cure for Trypophobia. A nervous vibration causes irregular reactions in the body known as

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